Kyle is a husband, father of six, roboticist, and a prolific open source software developer (where he goes by the handle “kyrofa”). He maintains and contributes to a number of projects, including Ubuntu, Nextcloud, versions 1 and 2 of the Robot Operating System (ROS), as well as the snapcraft CLI and snapd, two key technologies behind snaps and Ubuntu Core.

Kyle’s day job is at Miriam Technologies, a software consulting and contracting company, where he works on everything from cloud infrastructure and security to industrial real-time product sorting machines. In the past he’s worked as a staff engineer on the security and robotics teams for Canonical (the company that publishes Ubuntu), and as a lead roboticist for the US Department of Defense.

He believes that a maintained and stable API is a work of art, and is easily bothered when they aren’t. He thinks C++ is the only real language, and will never admit a begrudging fondness for Ruby and Python. He tends to publish blog posts about anything technical that interests him.