Call for testing: Darktable v2.2.4snap1

The Darktable snap (darktable-kyrofa) is terribly out-of-date. I'd like to bring it up to the latest release, but I could use your help verifying that things still work. If you're a photographer, particularly if you have some experience using Darktable, mind putting it through its paces? v2.2.4snap1-rc1 is in the candidate channel:

$ sudo snap install --candidate darktable-kyrofa

Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Update: v2.2.4snap1 has now been released into the stable channel.


Thanks for creating the snap for darktable. I just tried to install it as per the instructions on and was told it was not available for the architecture because it is armhf and not arm64. Is it possible to support the armhf architecture as well?


By Phil