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Nextcloud snap finds a new home

If you’re an avid reader of the blog (and come on, who isn’t?), you’ll know that I’ve been maintaining a snap for Nextcloud since Nextcloud came into existence. Originally, though, that snap wasn’t called “nextcloud”, it was called “nextcloud-kyrofa”. My original goal was that I would bootstrap the snap for them, and then they’d take it over when they were ready. I hosted the code as a personal project on GitHub....

September 3, 2021 · 4 min · Kyle
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Four years of Nextcloud

I’m a few weeks late on celebrating Nextcloud’s four year anniversary, but I’m doing it anyway! My how time flies. I became a part of the ownCloud community back in 2012. Heck, you can still find blog posts about how I ran it on this very blog if you scroll down far enough. Then, in 2015, I saw the post about the Western Digital/ownCloud collaboration on what would eventually become the Nextcloud Box....

June 27, 2020 · 5 min · Kyle
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Nextcloud snap to be updated to v12

If you’re a user of the Nextcloud snap, you may have noticed that upstream Nextcloud released v12 a while back, but you’re still on v11. That’s because v12 introduced several regressions that made us maintainers decide to hold off on the upgrade. Thankfully, things are finally looking up. As of today, it seems that all the blocking regressions have been fixed. Which means that, barring any additional regressions being introduced between now and then, v12....

November 20, 2017 · 3 min · Kyle
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Ubuntu Core: Making a factory image with private snaps

This is a follow-up to the ROS prototype to production on Ubuntu Core series to answer a question I received: “What if I want to make an image for the factory, but don’t want to make my snaps public?” This question is of course not robotics-specific, and neither is its answer. In this post we’ll cover two ways to do this. Before we start, you’ll need a little bit of an Ubuntu Core imaging background....

July 6, 2017 · 6 min · Kyle

Continuous acceptance tests for complex applications

So you’re developing a complex application. Maybe it has some really specific dependencies, or requires a lot of setup. In many cases (such as my own), it’s a web application. I have a suite of tests, varying all the way from unit tests through integration tests. The latter typically uses Selenium, and I often integrate it with Sauce Labs. I’ve written an article about this before. However, even those integration tests aren’t testing the real application: it’s not running against a production database, it’s not running with a production web server, and so on....

June 5, 2017 · 9 min · Kyle